Is there a distinct type of CMS for “news”?

What is a (news) CMS?: Interesting comments about how news organizations need a CMS specifically wired for news. This involves, among other things, abstracting your repository from the presentation layer.

News organizations should instead be “content-first,” and use tools that promote content above all else. We need first-class tools for managing the production process, and then for archiving, analyzing, referencing, and otherwise taking advantage of our past work.

This sounds familiar:

Also related to this, I’ve been thinking lately about the “shape of content.” I tend to visualize content in my head, and I believe news has a different “shape” than other content. While a brochure-ware site may be hierarchical and looks like an org chart, a news site tends to be a long string of content items, stretching off into the distance.

There is no hierarchy to news articles, and they tend to not be grouped together in any particular structure other than perhaps some loose categorization, and some implied structure based on the publish date (“Articles in March”) and tags (“Articles about Barack Obama”).

There are other requirements too:

So, I agree that a “news CMS” can be a different animal. There are parallels in blogging, so you see a lot patterns coming out of the bigger blogging platforms.

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