I Want a Masters in Content Management

By Deane Barker

I want a masters in content management. Sadly, none exists.

I have a bachelors in Government and International Affairs. I was going to be a lawyer, but I got into I.T. during my senior year in college, and I’ve never really looked back. Content management is where I’ve settled – I live, eat, and breathe it. I’m to the point where I want to move beyond “just” implementing systems and really dig in and explore the fundamentals and theories of the science. But how?

A Library and Information Science degree is close, and there are a number of schools that offer degrees in LIS. However, LIS would just tackle the theoretical, information architecture concepts of content management and organization. While that’s obviously important, there’s a big technical component to content management as well.

The nearest I can find to what I want is the Masters of Information Management program at the University of Washington. I found this by reading Bob Boiko’s treatise, the Content Management Bible. Bob is part of the faculty for this program. The MSIM course list makes me drool.

But, alas, there’s no distance learning for an MSIM. With a wife, three kids, a mortgage, and a thriving business, I can’t go wandering off to Washington any time soon.

So, I come to you, Gadgetopia readers. Do you know of any other programs that offer what I want – essentially, the closest I can come to an explicit “Masters in Content Management” – with a distance learning option?

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