From Issue #61

This one caught me off-guard:

Duda, a WordPress rival, raises $50M to help agencies and bigger companies build better websites

I had never heard of Duda. I’m surprised because this isn’t seed money – this is a Series D. Duda claims to power 1 million websites and have 17,000 developers.

[Duda] specifically creates tools to handle not just large amounts of content, larger audiences, and larger processes (such as mass e-commerce transactions), but also a larger number of people who might need to engage with the site while it’s being constructed, and after it is built.

It’s an interesting claim, because the stock-in-trade of canned website builders is marketing-focused websites. I took a look at their website, and I didn’t see anything to persuade me they’re concentrating on larger volume sites, but I’m interested in learning otherwise.

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