Wix vs. Wordpress

From Issue #58

Wix did a funny (…?) thing where they sent very expensive headphones to CMS influencers, and pointed them to a website with an vague video message from “WordPress” about “something big.”

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, was not amused: Wix and Their Dirty Tricks

Wix, the website builder company you may remember from stealing WordPress code and lying about it, has now decided the best way to gain relevance is attacking the open source WordPress community in a bizarre set of ads.

The Wix CEO, it seems, was very amused:

I just finished reading your post, and I see that there is a lot of anger and many half-truths that you said. Wow. I guess that we touched a sore point there.

And, finally, my friend and coworker Mark Demeny was just confused:

The campaign seems to have no idea what it is actually trying to accomplish.

Or maybe I’m just jealous because I didn’t get any headphones?

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