Parler and WordPress: When CMS and Politics Collide

From Issue #54

Parler is a politically conservative social network. Claims circulated this week that it was hacked. The claim was accompanied by a WordPress config file.

(For the record, WordPress is good for many things, but a high-profile and controversial-ish social network is probably not one of them.)

Turns out Parler wasn’t hacked at all – this was a recycled news item from the summer. And that event was based on an older version of Parler which did, apparently, run on WordPress.

This all prompted Parler’s CEO to issue a direct denial of their use of WordPress and accuse the media of lazy reporting.

This is an irresponsible rumor which uses a “techie” looking WordPress config file which is only capable of confusing a journalistic hack, not an actual hacker.

There was some evidence that Parler was hiring WordPress talent within the last week, but there’s no telling what that position was for.

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