The Actual CMS at Vogue

From Issue #43

Last issue, I mentioned some comments the new editor of Vogue made about CMS. I reverse-engineered(-ish) that they were running on WordPress.

Well, we have a reader from Conde Nast who responded.

Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where things are not as simple as they first appear. Over the course of the last few years, Condé Nast has been going through a process of consolidating some of the technology and teams that run our brands websites around the globe.

[…] as you browse around, you might be seeing a page served from the original WordPress site or it could be from “Verso”. Verso is a React based, multi-tenant application that’s sitting on top of the in-house headless content API. These both sit behind a CDN layer. The CDN caches responses but also makes decisions about which application serves the page. As more capabilities are added to Verso, the CDN is updated to send the respective requests to Verso.

I stand corrected.

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