Surgical Video CMS

From Issue #43

An assignment in my Intro to CMS course is for students to research a matrix of five CMSs. One CMS has to be “vertically targeted,” meaning it was designed for a specific use case.

Weird systems are fun – there are lots of CMSs built for libraries and museums, it turns out. But this time, a student found something really special:

Content Management System | Medical Documentation Solutions | Sony Pro

This is a hardware device by Sony which is marketed as a “Content Management System.” It stores and indexes surgical video used by surgeons preparing for procedures.

I love stuff like this. Do you know other specialized CMSs? If so, please send them. I’d love to include some in future issues.

(Also, congratulations to Contao, who must have SEO for CMS locked up in Germany and Austria because it appears in almost every submitted assignment.)

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