Real World Content Modeling Book

From Issue #36

I have published my second book: “Real World Content Modeling: A Field Guide to CMS Features and Architecture.”

Right now it’s only available in paperback. An ebook is coming after I get through a couple of conferences in early November and can devote time to doing the ebook format well.

The book is an examination of modeling features as they’re manifested in a CMS. This is not a book about content modeling in theory – I assume you have the theories all worked out. Rather, it’s a discussion of what features and architecture a CMS might actually provide to allow a content model to be implemented.

The Amazon page has the table of contents (click “Read more” under the description), which consists of 23 questions you can ask of a CMS to evaluate its competency, plus some detours to discuss larger architectural concepts.

Two things I kept low: the page count (less than 200) and the price (just $9.99). I hope you get a chance to read it.

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