Acquia and Automattic Both Take Investments

From Issue #35

It was a big week in vendor news, as Acquia sold to Vista Equity Partners at a valuation of just under $1 billion. That seems to be the going rate for a top-end vendor, with both Episerver and Sitecore selling for just north of that number.

We don’t know how much Vista actually bought. It was a “majority investment” which valued the company at the $1 billion number. So, it could have been 51% for $510 million. Still, a lot of money.

Also in the news was Salesforce Ventures pouring $300 million into Automattic, makers of WordPress. This was not a majority stake, but it supposedly valued the company at $3 billion.

These are two big investments, which shows the force of the market is still there, despite all the naysayers predicting doom for traditional WCM.

(But, on the other side of the market, GatsbyJS managed to raise $15 million in Series A money, so there’s enthusiasm all over.)

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