Sitecore Layoffs

From Issue #34

Sitecore laid off about 70 people last week, which constituted about 5% of their workforce. There’s a tendency to assume the worst, but I talked to a friend who offered two other explanations:

  1. Sitecore might be slimming down for an acquisition or an IPO. They got new majority owners in the spring of 2016. Three-and-a-half years is a quicker turn than I would expect, but it could happen.
  2. Sitecore might be shedding some employees from their two recent acquisitions. In the last year, they acquired StyleLabs and Hedgehog, picking up a few hundred employees. Undoubtedly, there was some overlap.

Time will tell which model this fits.

(Vendors: one of the employees who accepted an exit package was a personal friend working in high-level strategic product management. If you have a need in this space, contact me and I’ll connect you.)

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