I Have Joined Episerver

From Issue #34

This issue was delayed for a very big reason: I recently took a new position at Episerver. I have assumed the role of Senior Director of Content Management Strategy.

Episerver Hires Well-Known Content Management Veteran

I co-founded Blend Interactive in 2005. Shortly after, Blend became Episerver’s first North American partner and has done Episerver implementation work for 11 years. It’s no exaggeration to say Blend evolved around Episerver’s push into North America.

My role at Episerver is going to be thought leadership for CMS, and contributing to the strategic development of the CMS product.

I still own about a third of Blend. For the time being, I’ll continue to work from a Blend office.

Finally, Episerver understands that Squirrel Notes is an independent publication. I talk about other vendors from various perspectives, and I will continue to do so.

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