WordPress in the NYTimes

From Issue #33

A few issues back, I searched for the oldest reference to Drupal in the New York Times archive. This time, it’s WordPress.

The oldest reference is from 2005 in a how-to about adding video to your blog. But the next oldest, from 2006, is more interesting:

Six Apart Gets $12 Million (But Most Bloggers Knew That)

The article is about a new round of fund-raising for the parent company of Movable Type (at that time). It includes this note:

Full disclosure: The New York Times’ blogs run on WordPress, a Movable Type rival.

Thirteen years later, I’m not sure if this is still the case (the part about NYT being on WordPress; certainly not the “rival” part…). The NYT has had an internal CMS called Scoop for quite a while now, and I know they have some subscription sites running on Magnolia.

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