Rationality in CMS Implementation Planning

From Issue #23

I wrote this blog post for O’Reilly three years ago when my book published in the spring of 2016. It’s a look at some of the dumb things we do when planning CMS implementations.

Turns out, not everything needs to be managed.

We do not need to surrender your entire project to a CMS and go to heroic measures to shoehorn everything into it. We need to start evaluating content in terms of ROM – Return on Management. What is the cost of managing Element X or Content Type X or Function X, and ask ourselves if that’s the highest and best use of that time, budget, and skillset.

“Return on Management” is assumed too often. We spend time and budget on allowing active management of assets that will probably never actually be managed.

If your company logo hasn’t changed in 653 years, it’s probably safe to hardcode that right in the template.

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