Markdown + React = MDX

From Issue #23

Here’s an interesting flavor of Markdown called MDX that incorporates React components and thereby allows some client-side scripting injection inside content.

MDX is a format that lets you seamlessly use JSX in your Markdown documents. You can import components […]

The code samples make it seem like something editors would understand. React JSX syntax is pretty clear to start with, and MDX means Markdown looks like text and React looks like HTML.

The idea of mixing code and Markdown has been done before. For example, R Markdown allows for the embedding of R scripts inside Markdown, which allows for code documentation and inline script execution.

(And I swear there’s another one for JavaScript, but I can’t find again even after about an hour of searching. If you know what it is, please reply.)

I’m quite curious about this, given my experiments with editor-managed scripting. I found MDX via this oddly touching blog post which laments why isn’t the internet more fun and weird?.

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