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Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy
Book Review
December 20, 2020

“This is Gate’s second book, four years after ‘The Road Ahead…’ Like that book, it’s an exercise in vision-casting, though it’s directed to business leaders and how the internet is going to change…”

Business Adventures
Book Review
August 31, 2014

“I freely admit I read this because Bill Gates called it his favorite book. I’m not sure that I agree, but it wasn’t bad. It was written by John Brooks – a business writer for The New Yorker – in the…”

The Road Ahead
Reading List
Book Review
December 4, 2020

“This book was written 25 years ago, in 1995, right on the cusp of the Internet as we know it today. Bill Gates was the CEO of Microsoft at the time, and this book was really meant to be an look at the…”