The Systems Bible: The Beginner’s Guide to Systems Large and Small: Being the Third Edition of Systemantics

John Gall
December 10, 2018
★★ (-49.75%) 🛈

This book infuriated me. I wanted a serious discussion of systems theory, but what I got was a Dilbert-esque attempt at comedy.

The book is incredibly hard to follow. I started off diligently trying to highlight stuff and make sense of it, but the writing is scattered, and is going for laughs most of the time. I gave up trying to treat it as a cogent discussion of anything.

Every once in a while, there’s a centered statement in ALL CAPS, which meant to be a “principle of systemantics.”

The only reason this is getting two stars over one is that there’s an Appendix that lists all this “principles.” In skimming that, it becomes apparent that these do form a little bit of sense. If you want to read this book, seriously, just read that appendix and skip all the text that comes before it.