Origins of a Journey

Daniel Grogan
October 16, 2021
★★★★ (+17.30%) 🛈

This is a fun book. It’s not gonna change your life or anything, but you’ll probably enjoy it if you accept it for what it is.

It’s basically a series of short chapters – blog posts, essentially – describing some adventurer, from Charles Lindbergh to Christopher Columbus to Harriet Tubman to Genghis Khan. It explains why they’re notable, where they went, and what they did. There’s both good and bad, heroes and villains.

I would read 7-10 “chapters” (?) each time I picked it up. It took me a couple weeks to work through it.

It’s very shallow, by definition. No single person gets more than, maybe, 800 words. But it was fun to read, and I enjoyed it.

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