Stop Acting Rich: …and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire

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I quit this book about a quarter of the way through. I had read Stanley’s first book “The Millionaire Next Door” about 20 years ago. As a friend told me, this is essentially the same book.

The premise is simple: people who act rich, aren’t. People who really ARE rich often don’t act it. They live more modestly than you’d think.

Stanley beats this point TO DEATH. He has chapters on watches, for instance, and liquor, and every other consumable good, all the illustrate the point that really rich people live more modestly. Over and over and over, he beats this point into the ground.

The repetition is just brutal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a GREAT point. But this is an article, maybe, not a full-size book. And certainly not one that he had to essentially re-write under a different title, two decades later.

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