Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution

Book review by Deane Barker tags: faith, evolution

Wonderful book examining the conflict between evolution and creationism. The author is a professor at a Christian college.

To be fair, I am tempted to rate this book lower, primarily because it was lazy about it’s subtitle – and I’m a stickler for titles and subtitles. You either support them or you don’t. And, in this case, the bulk of the book digs into the conflict between the two worldviews. The guidance of “how to be a Christian” seems limited to, “I am a Christian and I reject creationism, and you can/should too.”

Also, the author gets a little vitriolic in places, which comes off as preachy. He’s angry at creationists, because he feels like they exclude thinking people from the path. He gets a little condescending at times.

But, that doesn’t swamp how good the book is otherwise. It’s a genuinely incredibly look at the conflict throughout the years, and has a good profile of Charles Darwin, who was a committed Christian until later in life when he reluctantly because an agnostic, mainly due to the death of his favorite daughter. He’s not the villain that creationists make him out to be.

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Karl W. Giberson
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