The Knowledge Graph Cookbook

tags: information-architecture

An eclectic introduction to the idea of a knowledge graph. My only gripe is that you have to wait until about halfway through the book to figure out what a knowledge graph is, in specific nuts and bolts. (It’s a bunch of things, enabled by labeling things with RDF.)

I’ve always felt that some books spend too much time trying to convince you that you want to do The Thing. However, since you’ve bought the book, you already know you want to do The Thing, you just need to know how to do The Thing.

The book spends a lot of time on theory-ish concepts in the beginning, which I was skimming. It got better towards the end when it got into specifics.

Left unresolved is the real problem with any metadata-driven thing – getting people to actually do it. Anything that requires an information creator to do something extra is probably going to fail. They do have some information about using AI (the authors actually run a company that provides software for this), but then I wonder what the point of be-laboring anything is. I mean, if computers can do it themselves, then…just have them do it?

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