Everything is Figureoutable

I feel like an idiot for this one, I really do.

I’m very curious. I look up stuff all the time, and I even keep track of it all. So, the title of this book made me thinking it was about…I don’t know what? Research? Learning? Satisfying your curiosity?

It’s not. This is a mainstream self-help book.

(OMG, I filed it under “Critical Thinking”…)

The author is some kind of personality. She has a podcast, I guess, and speaks at conferences? She seems to be something like Brene Brown, I gather. She milks the “Jersey Girl” persona pretty hard.

The book appears to be targeted to women. I understand the author’s audience is mainly women, and all the examples in the book seem to be about women.

The chapters are pretty mainstream (these aren’t the titles, just a quick summary):

Peppered throughout are anecdotes from her life and journey. She was a fitness expert and dancer for a while – she apparently used to do those fitness videos where impossibly good-looking people workout on beaches.

Here’s the thing – I want to trash this book, because I’m embarrassed I misjudged it from the title.

But… it’s not a bad book, for what it is. Sure, I skimmed a lot of it, and there’s nothing in here that I haven’t read in a dozen other books, but if you’re never read a self-help book and you want some motivational thinking, you could do worse than this book, honestly.

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