Transgender Ratio

What's the ratio of FtM compared to MtF transgendered persons?

By Deane Barker

Common perception is that there are more transwomen (male to female) than transmen (female to male). Some studies have confirmed this.

This study puts the ratio at about 4:1. The study was about increasing frequency, but it offers these numbers, from which I extrapolated the ratio:

Evidence suggests that the prevalence has increased over the last decades to up to 5 – 14 male-to-female transgender (MtF) individuals per 1000 adult males and 2 – 3 female-to-male transgender (FtM) individuals per 1000 adult females.

Another study in Sweden put the ratio at 2:1.

Of course, these studies depend on self-identification, and that might lead to sample bias. Transwomen might simply be more likely to identify as such, than transmen.

Assuming an imbalance does exist, a question at the psychology Stack Exchange asked the reason for the imbalance. Several answers were offered:

That same question at Stack Exchange offhandedly cited an APA study that the ratio was 3:1, but I couldn’t locate a full version of the source, so I couldn’t verify it.

Why I Looked It Up

I’ve just always wondered.

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