The Grange

By Deane Barker

National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry is a social/community organization that promotes farming and agriculture. Members join local chapters which are part of the national organization headquartered in Washington DC.

The national organization lobbies the government on farming issues. Local chapter serve as service organization and a general social outlet for farmers.

From an article entitled What is the Grange?

Much of the Grange’s activities revolve around local community service projects. Projects include sponsoring community fairs, organizing softball leagues, building community centers, staffing after-school care for children, offering hearing tests to community members, holding debates and hosting voter registration drives. All Grange activities, social events and objectives are developed with family at the heart. The Grange sponsors competitions in music, art, crafts and even public speaking. The Grange fosters the growth of leadership, community life and opportunities for all people.

The name comes from an Old English word for “farm” or “barn.”

Why I Looked It Up

In The Model Thinker:

In the past, a farmer might mention dry ground at a monthly Grange meeting.


Added on

In a Reddit discussion of creepy towns (reprinted on Buzzfeed), someone mentioned this:

Belvidere, Illinois – A single highway completely encircles this north-central Illinois city. The Grange, a formerly secret society, runs the city behind the scenes.

I did some searching but couldn’t find anything about The Grange being a “secret society” or controlling Belvidere.

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