By Deane Barker

Definition: by force or necessity

Why I Looked It Up

I knew of a type of software named Perforce (the company still exists; the software product doesn’t). I always thought it was a weird name.

In Everything, All the Time, Everywhere, another book called The Origins and Postmodernity is quoted:

Although not within its grim satifations, such plebeianization perforce denotes not great popular englighthenment, but new forms of inebriation and delusion…

What is the author saying here? No idea. “Plebeianization” means to make something simple or common or pedestration. So, I guess he’s saying this happened by force?

Prior to this, the author of the original book said:

It entailed a leveling process by means of which the great geniuses of modernism were cut down to size.

So…smart people were “cut down to size” by force? I guess?

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