George Soros

Why is he the target of so many conspriracy theories?

By Deane Barker

George Soros was born in Hungary. He moved to London then New York City, eventually making billions of dollars as a hedge fund manager.

He currently has a net worth of approximately $7 billion. He is almost 94-years-old (as of this writing). He has many homes around the world, but seems to live primarily in New York (both NYC and The Hamptons).

Soros has since become the target of dozens of conspiracy theories, mostly from Conservative and Right-wing groups. Soros occupies the intersection of multiple groups:

  1. He is foreign-born
  2. He is ethnically Jewish, though not particularly religious (A Jew in finance, no less, which extends a common stereotype)
  3. He donates generously to progressive, liberal, and Left-wing causes

In 1979, Soros created a charity called the Open Society Institue (now Open Society Foundations) to give money to various causes. Since founding the organization, Soros has donated tens of billions of dollars to this organization, which constitutes most of his income during this period.

The self-proclaimed “themes” of the organization are:

  1. Climate Justice
  2. Equity
  3. Exression
  4. Justice

Clearly, these are all causes aligned with the poltical Left. This has made the group hostile to many governments and groups. Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan have all forced or caused the origanization to cease operations in their countries.

Their website lists almost 18,000 grants given. An example of some recipients:

  • $675,000 to a US program to help former convicts re-enter society
  • $31,000 for a program to educate Pakistani citizens about honest government practices
  • $300,000 to fund for abortion services in Baltimore
  • Many millions of dollars “to provide general support” to immigration advocacy groups in the US

These are all groups very much aligned with Left-wing causes.

Thus, George Soros is natural antagonist of Conservatives and the Right-wing in the United States. He’s a large source of funding to causes they consistently oppose.

Here are some of the conspiracy theories used to discredit Soros:

  • He was a Nazi, or a Nazi-collaborator or sympathizer
  • He organizes or exacerbates protests by paying people to agitate
  • He is trying to institute a world government

None of these have been proven.

However, Soros donates to a lot of causes – his organization gives out thousands of grants every year. Is it possible that one or more of these organizations used donated funds in a way that might be construed to further a nefarious goal? Perhaps.

Specifically, when discussing the idea of paying agitators, again, is this a direct goal or action, or indirect? Many of the rumors and stories make it seem like a specific agent of George Soros has instituted a payroll system for professional protestors who don’t care about the causes, and are only present because they’re being paid. However, the truth is more likely that that Soros’s foundation has supported many organizations that have organized protests for or against various causes at different times. Does this mean Soros actively orchestrated the protests or specifically paid the protestors?

In general, the incidental actions of an organization someone has donated to is not the same thing as the vision of someone actively masterminding activities in pursuit of a sinister goal.

Why I Looked It Up

Soros has become such a target of general hatred that I’m trying to figure out the source of it. The obvious answer is that he donates a lot of money to polarizing organizations. The more sinister answer is that he’s Jewish and thus an easy target for anti-semitism.

I have failed to find any one single thing that has turned so many people against him, outside of a talent for making money during financial crises. In particular, he was dubbed “the man who broke the Bank of English” for his massive short position against the pound in 1992.

I will keep looking for some substance to the various theories. But right now, he seems to simple be a wealthy, foreign-born Left-wing Jew, and any of these characteristics (not to mention the combination of them) has made him a target to many different people and groups.

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