The Emerald City

Why is Seattle called this?

This is the “official” nickname of Seattle. I quote “official” because I’m not sure the city government ever voted on it, but rather it was a name selected from a contest sponsored by the Seattle Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in 1982.

The winner apparently wrote an essay for her submission, but I couldn’t find a copy of it. I suspect the name was a play of the nickname of Washington State: “The Evergreen State,” by which it’s been known since the 1800s.

The fits, since Seattle is very green, year-round. It rains almost constantly, and the area is filled with pine trees, which keep their color even during winter.

And, of course, The Emerald City was first used as the home of the eponymous Wizard of Oz.

Why I Looked It Up

I was visiting my Dad in Seattle. Every gift shop is filled with Emerald City-emblazoned merchandise.

This is item #154 in a sequence of 502 items.

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