My Encounter with an Enzo

By Deane Barker tags: cars

I’m driving home tonight, heading south on Cliff Ave, just past Lincoln High School. I look ahead of me about 100 feet to the stoplight, and I see something big, wide, and red drifting into the turning lane.

I quickly realize it’s a Ferrari, but what kind? I know a chiropractor in Sioux Falls with a 360 Modena, but as I get closer, it’s too wide for that. The fenders are too raked. As I pull up alongside, I see the slant of the front fender over the wheel, and realize I am in the presence of the Holiest of Automotive Holies: a Ferrari Enzo.

While I don’t personally care too much for how they look, an Enzo is rare even by Ferrari standards. Only 400 or so have been built, and only a fraction of those made it over to the U.S. I saw a Lamborghini Gallardo driving around town the other day, and I was impressed. But this – this is something else.

What in God’s name is an Enzo doing in Sioux Falls?

I noticed that the had “Premier Motorcars” plates on it, so it’s either for sale, or someone just bought it. The driver is a 40-ish male – he could of been an accountant. I roll down the window.

Me: “Is that an Enzo?”

Him:"It is.”

Me: “How much?”

Him: “$1.3 million.”

Me: “Are you crazy driving that around town?”

Him: “Yeah, probably.”

And then the light turned green and we both drove away.

Further investigation finds that it is indeed for sale at Premier Motorcars right here in Sioux Falls. I’ll be fascinated to see how that goes. I think the odds of it selling to a Sioux Falls resident are about zero, but I’m sure they know this. I imagine it’s common for things in this price range to get shipped all over the place. Buyers for this type of car don’t grow on trees.

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