My Art Deco Connection

By Deane Barker • Posted on March 11, 2009 • Filed under architecture, me


I have always loved Art Deco architecture. I don’t why, but I’ve always had a very emotional response to it – the buildings on South Beach, the Chrysler Building, the city hall of our own Sioux Falls, etc.

I just stumbled on this NY Times article about the city I lived in until I was six – Napier, New Zealand. Apparently there was an earthquake there in 1931 that about leveled the town. It was completely rebuilt in the 1930s…in Art Deco style (given the decade, it make sense). In fact, Napier calls itself “the Art Deco city.”

This has me wondering if there’s any connection between the apparently prevalent architectural style of my home town, and the fact that I’ve been drawn to Art Deco my entire life.

(Image courtesy of the Napier City Council.)

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