Doing Something Poorly

Posted on March 05, 2019. Filed under health, life, weight-loss

I heard something that resonated with me the other day (I forget where I heard this):

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

This, of course, is a play on this common saying:

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

But, rather than making fun of an earnest, feel-good aphorism, what the former is saying is this: some things can be done just a little bit, and still provide benefit.

We tend to fall into ruts of perfectionism, like “I need to do this thing really well.” And sometimes that’s true. But sometimes it’s not.

Take exercise, for example. Some exercise is better than no exercise. So, if you go to the gym and put in a half-hearted effort, but you do something, then good for you. At least you went, got some physical benefit, and put yourself in the right mindspace.

Of course, this can be abused. You can get in the mode of putting in crap effort for everything and telling youself, “Well, at least I did something.” But the other side of the coin is that your ability to put effort into something – like fitness – is going to ebb and flow, and don’t quit just because you’re in a place where you suck right now.

Keep moving forward, however slow and inconsistently. And if you can’t move forward, do something to just tread water until you can move forward again.

You don’t always have to be amazing. Sometimes just being something is valuable.

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