Adam vs Danny

By Deane Barker tags: entertainment, faith, society

A showdown is looming on American Idol which I think is going to be pretty interesting to watch. The top two contenders – the two I firmly believe will fight it out in the last episode – could not be more opposed in terms of lifestyle. We have…

  • Danny Gokey, a widowed church music director from Milwaukee. The big story on him was that his wife died a month before his first audition for Idol.

  • Adam Lambert, a quite-gay singer from West Hollywood. Various internet searches will reveal Adam singing in gay cabaret shows, dressed in drag, and kissing other men.

There is no question that these two guys are most talented contestants on the show. Neither have been in the bottom three yet, and week after week, they knock songs out of the park. Danny has an incredibly strong voice and the world seems to sympathize with him. Adam is enormously inventive and has more vocal range than I’ve ever heard.

So, when these two get to the final (and they will), how long will it take for it to become less about their respective levels of talent and more about their lifestyles? How long will it take for the Idol vote to become a referendum on contemporary culture, rather than a reflection of who is the best singer?

I have little doubt that outside groups will get involved. Conservative Christian America will rally behind Danny, and LGBT America will rally behind Adam. Both demographics will attempt to prove that they carry the most sway in American culture.

On the one hand, it will be somewhat sad that we’re not talking about singing talent anymore, but it’ll be awfully fun to watch this unfold. I can’t wait for the histrionics, on both sides. Pass the popcorn.

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