Where I’ve Been

I have visited 23 countries.


I spoke at a conference in Sydney once. Honestly, I didn’t see much of the city, other than the hotel, the conference venue, and a tour of the Opera House.


I teach in a university program in Graz, and visited twice to meet my students. I spent another afternoon and evening site-seeing in Vienna during the Christmas season.


Annie and I honeymooned at Atlantis, on Paradise Island.


I had a client in Toronto, and visited there at least a dozen times during their project. I’ve spoken at or attended conferences in Vancouver (twice), Montreal, and Prince Edward Island.


I’ve been to Copenhagen 3-4 times, and Odense – in “the midwest of Denmark” – twice. All for various conferences and events.

Dominican Republic

My company took all employees and their companions (36 people, in total) to the Excellence Punta Cana for five days.


I attended a conference in Helsinki.


On the way back from a New Zealand visit when I was a teenager, my family stopped here and we spent three days at The Regent resort (which has apparently seen better days).


I got stuck overnight in Paris once when Air France went on strike (which, I learned, happens a lot). I went all the way into the city and just so I could go for a morning run under the Effiel Tower before having to go right back to the airport.


I’ve been to Berlin three times and Frankfurt once, for various conferences and events. Also, I had a open day on a weekend so I went to Stuttgart to visit The Porsche Museum.


I spoke at an event in Budapest and spent about 24 hours in the city. My host took me site-seeing for a couple of hours.


I went to Tiajuana once as a child. I have vague memories of a store with paintings of naked women on the walls and some Mexican Jumping Beans, which fascinated me (more than the women because I was, like, eight).

New Zealand

I was born in Auckland and lived in Napier as a child. I immigrated to the United States when I was almost six-years-old. I’ve been back three times to visit.


I attended a conference in Oslo, and boarded a cruise ship there for another conference onboard, headed to Copenhagen.


I spoke at a conference in Lisbon.


I spoke at a conference in Singapore.


I spoke at an event at a company in Bratislava. I was in and out of the city in about a four-hour span, and saw virtually none of it. However, my host drove me about an hour to his hometown of Nove Zamky so we could talk before dropping me at the train station, so I saw a lot of the countryside (which looks exactly like South Dakota, for the record).


I’ve been to Stockholm at least three times, including an amazing Saturday in the Old Town. Also, my very first trip to Europe was to Malmo, just across the Baltic from Copenhagen.


I visited a software company in Basel, and took a side trip up to Grindelwald, to see The Alps.

Turks and Caicos

Annie and I took the family to Beaches resort for a week to celebrate Alec’s graduation.

United Kingdom

I’ve been to London twice, for various conferences and events.

United States

I live here. I’ve been to 30+ of the 50 states.


I spent a few days in Hanoi, visiting a company there.