I create a lot of content. Here’s some of it.

Content That I Update

These are things that I keep adding to.

Reading List

My list of book reviews from Goodreads.

My Personal Blog

I post to this very sporadically. There are posts here that go back 15 years.


A list of places I’ve traveled to.

The Interesting List

Random things on the Internet that I’ve found interesting.

OMG That's a Fine Cheese Plate

I’ve been taking pictures of cheese plates for about eight years.

Blog Contributions

In the past, I’ve regularly contributed to a couple of blogs.

Articles from Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Very early in the history of the web, I used to edit and write for a James Bond fan site. In this capacity, I wrote a bunch of articles which I’ve started to re-format and re-publish.

Articles from CrossFit Sioux Falls

I did some blogging on the site of the local CrossFit gym. The posts are archived here.

Random Content

These are things that I wrote and don’t really change much.

Ticket to Ride

My wife and I spent some time playing “Ticket to Ride,” and I jotted down some notes on strategy.

Christianity Maturity Model

I tried to create a “maturity model” for Christian faith. It may or may not be ridiculous.

Central Perk LEGO Set Build

I built the LEGO set of Central Perk from Friends. I did a photo essay of it.

How College Gets Paid For

We wrote this letter to one of our children while they were planning for college. I’m publishing it in case it might help other parents.