Why I Love “The Incredibles”

July 19, 2011 Tagged with: entertainment

I love “The Incredibles.” it’s one of my favorite movies, and when it’s on, I drop everything and glue myself to the couch. I tried to figure out why I love this movie so much, and I came up with a number of reasons:

A wonderful movie. I’m watching it right now as I write this. I taped it. God help me – I may never leave the couch.


cmadler says:

Pixar has made a whole bunch of great movies, but I rate The Incredibles and Toy Story 3 as the very best.

One of my favorite things is the “if everyone is special, no one is” theme. I was googling a quote and came across this essay looking at possible Ayn Rand influences on The Incredibles, which I’d definitely noticed also.

David Morefield says:

Easily the best superhero movie I’ve seen, and the best Bond film in about 30 years. The Bond influences are legion, and you may recall that the original trailers – presumably before Giacchino scored the film – even used Barry’s OHMSS overture.

I’ve been itching to show this one to the boys, but Laura kept putting it off because of the violence and deaths. Then last week she showed them the first “Chronicles of Narnia” film and I said, “Guess what? Now you’re out of excuses.”

We’ve laid the groundwork with “Despicable Me” and “Megamind.” This one’s going to blow them away.

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