Y Combinator Basic Income Study

tags: basic income

Y Combinator – the startup incubator – is about to start up a study on the feasibility of basic income.

We’re going to try something new – our first Request For Research. We’d like to fund a study on basic income – i.e., giving people enough money to live on with no strings attached, I’ve been intrigued by the idea for a while, and although there’s been a lot of discussion, there’s fairly little data about how it would work.

They’re looking for someone to do some long term research on it.

We’re looking for one researcher who wants to work full-time on this project for 5 years as part of YC Research, We’d like someone with some experience doing this kind of research, but as always we’re more interested in someone’s potential than his or her past, Our idea is to give a basic income to a group of people in the US for a 5 year period, though we’re flexible on that and all aspects of the project – we are far from experts on this kind of research.

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