Robot Sex Dolls

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So, Real Doll has been around for years – I remember them being a blocked site on my company’s computer network back in 2000 or so, The company makes life-size sex dolls that sell for thousands of dollars.

But the founder wants to branch out:

We’re pushing into using this newer technology that’s emerging in terms of robotics and artificial intelligence, and what we’re trying to do is create an artificial intelligence that is user-customizable the same way that the dolls are customizable. So you would pick fundamental personality traits that appeal to you, be it shy, outgoing, and once it is then formed into a profile, you would interact with the AI and it would learn from you these key facts about you as the relationship, as it were, progresses. That kind of creates this very simplistic feeling of: someone cares about me.

So, he wants to embed the dolls with AI and animatronic features that let them substitute for a real human relationship.

I don’t think that a doll can replace a human interaction, with AI or without, but I do think there are probably cases of people who either by choice or by circumstance cannot have a real relationship, and so in that case, maybe the doll is going to be that replacement. But I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.

Here’s the entire video (NSFW warning: naked dolls…)

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