Reddit Thread on Technological Unemployment

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Interesting thread over at Reddit: Which jobs will never be replaced by machines?. The top answer:

I think jobs where people need a human-human connection are fundamentally irreplaceable at the hand of machines. Jobs such as school counselors, marriage counselors, clinical psychologists, religious figures, human resources, social workers, parole officers, and many others where we just need someone to listen, someone to talk to, and someone who genuinely cares. No matter how human-like AI becomes - when we need a shoulder to cry on, we want compassion not code.

And the counterpoint:

I can see a future where that’s not true. Imagine if extremely human-like AI was as common as owning a pencil. If you were raised in this environment, where AI acted the same as humans, I don’t see why you would prefer human compassion over AI compassion. It may take a few generations for that to not seem weird, but I doubt it would never happen.

And another:

Given sufficient time, AI can probably be programmed to do anything humans can, plus much more. There may even be a point in the future where AI in indistinguishable from Natural Intelligence, and the software could be put into living tissue.

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