Documentary on Death and Work

This documentary just got funded in Kickstarter. It connects the death of work to the death of…well, actual death, and discusses how the two relate and how technology might “solve” them both. Is the end result that we live forever and never have to work?

The second machine age is nigh and as AI soon encroaches onto the workforce landscape, its no longer just brawn the machines will replace, but brainpower. Many professions will be at risk.

But, could job obsolescence/technological unemployment be a positive thing – isn’t the absence of perfunctory jobs a good thing as fewer people are confined to menial work - could it eliminate wage-slavery even? The average person spends 65% of their waking life at work, sometimes purely out of financial obligation - not to mention the 4 billion people on the planet subsisting on less than a quid a day. How would it affect developing nations?

Do the forecasts of imminent AI have any substance? What are the social and geopolitical implications? Could it lead to utter disorder, thickening the divide between rich and poor?

Does a working paid job absorb and degrade the mind?

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