CMS RFI Questions


General Questions

Hosting and Infrastructure

Licensing and Product Range

Professional Services, Partner Network, and Training

Repository Questions

Content Modeling

(Disambiguation: “field” might be called “property” or “attribute” in your system; “content type” refers to a template or specification for a “content object,” which refers to a specific, individual piece of content)

Content Organization and Search

(Disambiguation: “content” refers to structured, textual information which is usually output as HTML; “assets” refers to file-based content, such as images and documents)

Editor Experience

Roles and Permissions

Version Control and Audit Trails

Content Delivery and Publication



Content Sourcing

Delivery Questions


(Disambiguation: “templating” refers to code designed for transforming textual content, usually into HTML)

Editorial Page Building

Multi-site Management

Personalization and Optimization