Personalization: A Proposed Process Model

This is a proposed model for the implementation, staffing, and ongoing management of variable web content. This model is platform independent – it simply assumes content is served from a hypothetical platform capable of providing the necessary functionality.



    Our primary goal is to increase the raw conversion rate of the website by displaying visitor-specific content that we believe is more likely to provoke a conversion than the default content. In the absence of a conversion, we hope to simply improve the visitor’s perception of our brand.


    The following principles describe, in broad terms, our methodology and objectives.

    Initial Implementation Process

    1. Identify and prioritize audiences, based on their relative value to the organization.

    2. For each audience, determine the inhabitation criteria.

      • Eliminate audiences that cannot be reliably segmented by the CMS.
    3. For all content, determine if it will provide scoring towards audience inhabitation and what weight that score will carry

    4. Determine general variable content locations within the website templates

    5. Determine what content variations will be offered to different audiences.

      • Develop necessary content that does not exist.
    6. Determine what conversion opportunities will be offered to different audiences

    7. Map this (1) content, and (2) conversion opportunities to specific template locations

    On-Demand Tasks

    These tasks extend existing tasks.

    Ongoing Tasks/Meetings