Optimizely Webinars

I’ve done a few webinars for Episerver. Some of these are published elsewhere, but the below are direct links to a video player.

DX Dialog with Alex

This was a promotional interview I did with Alex Axtberger at Episerver’s conference in Sydney. It was foggy, but when we’re talking outside, you can see the harbor bridge in the background, and the Sydney Opera House on the far left of the frame.

Content is the Currency of Human Connection

Unquestionably my favorite webinar, this is the remote version of my Miami keynote. I actually think it came out better than the in-person version.

The Three Questions Content Migration - The Editorial Question

Part 1 of a two-part webinar. This covers how you decide what is going to migrate and what isn’t.

The Three Questions of a Content Migration - The Functional and The Procedural Question

Part 2 of a two-part webinar. This covers how you make your content work in a new CMS, and how you actually get the bytes from one system to another.

Why Content Projects Fail

This is the webinar version of a talk I gave several times around the world in 2017 (there are videos on the tech content page that show me giving it in-person).

The Power of Tribal Content Marketing

My talk for Episerver’s Ascend B2B conference, which was remote due to COVID. I didn’t love this talk, honestly. I gave it again a few weeks later (unrecorded), and I thought the second version was much, much better.

Introduction to CMS

This is a 8-hour training course I did for Optimizely employees. (This requires a login, and I’m literally putting it here so I don’t keep losing it…)