Articles for Optimizely

I was a press release for (then) Episerver back in late summer 2019.

I’ve written quite a few articles for Optimizely’s resources section and under the organizational banner of Optimizely.


Book Chapters

Episerver published a few chapters of my 25 Lessons book as blog posts

How to calculate ROI for your CMS project – and know if it’s even possible

Sometimes, you can’t come up with an ROI number, and that’s okay.

Is an out of the box CMS a viable option for your business?

People say they want everything “out-of-the-box.” But they don’t, really.

How to evaluate RFP responses for your CMS project

Content management RFP responses can be multi-headed, and therefore confusing.


Building a more flexible CMS for everyone

This was an interview with Episerver’s CMO about headless. It covers some CMS history too, which I love.