Content Management Professionals has ceased operations

Content Management Professionals has ceased operations. The decision to wind down the organization was made by the Board in Summer 2014.

The creation of CM Pros dated to the early 2000s. The organization was originally designed to unite professionals in all facets of the content management world.

In the years since, that world fractured and subdivided considerably, and other organizations emerged to serve the needs of the resulting sub-audiences. In particular, the emergence of the “content strategy” segment of the industry subsumed a large portion of the audience that CM Pros was originally intended to represent.

Given that the audience had become broad and fractured, the concept of a “content management professional” became too vague to effectively support. Thus, the Board determined that the organization had run its course and come to a natural end.

The LinkedIn group is still available, though it no longer represents any formal organization. It is unmoderated and open for unrestricted membership.

The @CMPros Twitter account will remain in existence, but no new content will be posted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in CM Pros over the 10+ years of its existence. In particular, thank you to the original founders:

  • Scott Abel
  • Bob Boiko
  • Tony Byrne
  • Paola Di Maio
  • Bob Doyle
  • Brice Dunwoodie
  • Donna Fritzsche
  • Frank Gilbane
  • Stuart Guest-Smith
  • JoAnn Hackos
  • Erik Hartman
  • Mary Lee Kennedy
  • Hilary Marsh
  • Jane McConnell
  • Gerry McGovern
  • Howard McQueen
  • Peter Morville
  • John O’Donovan
  • Todd O’Neill
  • Brendan Quinn
  • James Robertson
  • Ann Rockley
  • Lou Rosenfeld
  • Lee Sinclair
  • Samantha Starmer
  • Brian Stoll
  • Bill Trippe
  • Lisa Welchman
  • Martin White
  • Travis Wissink

If you have inquiries regarding CM Pros, or believe that you still have unfinished business or legal dealings with the organization, please contact Deane Barker.


The Final CM Pros Board of Directors

  • Scott Liewehr (president)
  • Brett Zucker
  • Saravanan Rajan
  • Deane Barker