FRANK on Drupal

From Issue #59

Mike Lindell – the now-legendary “MyPillow Guy” – launched a social network called FRANK, based on Drupal. The site was plagued with issues.

Salon brought in a few Drupal experts (unnamed, for fear of doxxing) who did some forensics on the implementation.

Coding experts tell Salon Mike Lindell’s botched social site was doomed to fail

Lindell’s site was set up for failure from its inception… the expert said, adding that it isn’t the right software to build a social media site with, since it’s not designed to handle a large amount of user-generated content… “When I was looking at the code, in the browser, they basically launched the site while it was still in development mode”… “This is a shit show,” the expert said

Interesting to see a mainstream media publication do CMS eval work.

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