Axios Productizes a CMS (sort of)

From Issue #57

Much like other media companies (Washington Post, Vox, etc.), Axios is productizing their CMS…kind of?

The company next month will launch AxiosHQ, a communications platform that will enable businesses to update their employees – including through internal newsletters – in Axios’s just-the-facts, bullet-point style. […] The software tool, which Axios said would cost at least $10,000 a year depending on a customer’s size, is the first paid-subscription product launched by the digital-news startup.

That’s interesting – a CMS that promotes (enforces?) a particular writing style? There’s apparently also a services angle:

Subscribers to the platform have the option to add a service that allows them to tap a team of editors for writing tips […] AxiosHQ also features a tool that recommends grammar and usage changes based on a database of edits from Axios staff.

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