The CMS UI Database

From Issue #53

I had a weird idea, and I roped a few friends in to help with it. It turned into The CMS UI Database, which is a impressive name for what’s basically a screenshot blog of interesting CMS interfaces with some commentary.

…yeah, that’s it. That’s the site.

Some examples:

My partners in crime are Mark Demeny from Contentful, Jeff Eaton from Autogram, and Allan Thraen from CodeArt. All good friends.

There’s no business angle to this – there’s no advertising, no membership, no mailing list. My only hope is that we tilt towards the odd, esoteric, and historical. Everyone knows what CMSs looks like now, but I think history is illustrative of the universality of the problems we face today.

(A request: do you know anyone running Serena Collage? If so, I’d like to talk to them.)

If you want us to come to you, there’s an RSS feed, and a Twitter account.

(Trivia: My original plan was to do this in Instagram. But did you know there’s no write API to Instagram? You can’t post to IG from code, which makes it difficult to collaborate.)

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