W3C Selects Craft CMS

From Issue #52

The World Wide Web Consortium has selected Craft CMS, which might the King of All Bragging Rights.

This brief describes the decision and their struggle finding a tool that was accessible. They eventually had to relax their own standards:

Due to the state of accessibility of authoring tools in general and the scale of the task of making any CMS accessible, we realised we would not get a CMS that follows all the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines by the planned launch date of the new W3C website.

There was a bit of drama, as the W3C dropped WordPress from consideration. This was perceived by some as a lack of consideration for open-source (the other finalist was Statamic, which, like Craft, is not open-source):

Open standards go hand in hand with open source. There is a mutually beneficial connection between the two that has caused the web to flourish. I don’t see using a proprietary CMS as an extension of W3C values, and it’s not clear how much more benefit to accessibility the proprietary options offer in comparison.

The selection team responded by stating that they had other concerns, including issues with the Gutenberg editor.

Congratulations to Brandon, Leah, and the entire Craft team.

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