Umbraco Evolution

From Issue #50

Umbraco has one of the best developer communities I’ve ever seen. I spoke at their CodeGarden conference three years in a row, and the community cohesion is just remarkable.

So, I was initially surprised to see this post:

Has Umbraco turned into the “tourist trap” of open source .net CMSs

The author noted:

I feel like the marketing and sales aspect has taken over…big time.

A long-standing member of the community responded:

Is Umbraco really a tourist trap ? My point of view.

He agreed with some points, and disagreed with others. But both posts started bouncing around Twitter pretty heavily.

I think this is a natural, healthy evolution. Umbraco has released three commercial products in the last 18 months:

When you have a very tight, devoted open-source community like Umbraco, any push into commercial products is going to be slightly alienating. I’m quite sure they’ll move past this, but there’s no doubt that the organization and community are evolving.

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