Headless Vendors Marketing Against Each Other

From Issue #50

I saw a couple articles that are interesting, not for their content, but for what they signal:

To date, headless vendors have been marketing against traditional vendors. Their focus has been creating an alternate paradigm for how to manage and implement CMS. But here we have vendors marketing against each other. As if to say, “we’ve made the case for headless, so now we need to make the case that we’re better than the other headless vendor.”

(Also: they’re both targeted at Contentful, which says a lot about its position in that market.)

I asked a friend who works at a headless vendor about this. He agreed it was an interesting development, adding:

I think among headless vendors there is something of an uneasy consensus there’s more to be gained from competing against Adobe, Sitecore, etc. at the moment than against each other.

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