Hacker News Thoughts on “Dynamic CMS”

From Issue #49

I found an older Hacker News thread that asked a fundamental question: Why did dynamic CMSes like Wordpress become the norm?

Why did dynamic CMSs like Wordpress become the norm? It’s not like static site generators couldn’t exist in 2003 when the CMS was first released.

I find the answer pretty obvious (the person asking is a developer, and seems to have a blind spot for non-technical users), but it’s interesting to see others explain it.

The original poster claimed that the technical bar could be lowered with better tooling. Someone responded deftly with:

This is what a dynamic CMS basically is. Tooling to work around the deployment process of a static site.

You’ll also you get a nice history of the beginnings of web CMS back around the turn of the century. Lots of nostalgia there.

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