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From Issue #49

Acquia has released a migration framework called Migrate.

And by “migration,” I don’t mean “schema changer.” It appears this is a legitimate, “take your stuff from CMS #1 and move it into CMS #2…as long as CMS #2 is Drupal.”

Acquia CMS Migrate automates the migration from non-Drupal CMSes to Drupal 9 by abstracting your content and data into a domain specific language made for migrations, testing migration for quality assurance at an early stage, and generating comprehensive migration reports for a successful production import.

I’ve long-framed CMS migrations as three questions:

  1. The Editorial Question: What is moving?
  2. The Functional Question: How will it work in the new system?
  3. The Procedural Question: How exactly will the bytes move from one system to another?

It looks like Migrate is trying to answer all three. They provide tools to slice and dice your content (#1), plug-ins for specific CMSs to map to Acquia (#2), and code libraries to get the content across (#3).

Interesting to see a vendor do this. You normally see this stuff come from partners, developed as the result of multiple services projects.

If you’re interested, here are Parts 2 and 3 of a three-part webinar series I did that discuss the three questions posed above:

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